Dr. Andrew Lustig, N.D. is a world wide humanitarian, naturopathic doctor, licensed EMT-I and the president & founder of Global Outreach Doctors

Prior to becoming a humanitarian, ND and EMT, he was an owner/CEO of a diversified media corporation with 1000 associates in NYC and locations across the country for almost twenty years.

With Santa Fe, NM as his home base, he works in disaster and poverty conditions in remote regions of the world. His business, naturopathic and emergency medical skills have proven to be a powerful combination as a humanitarian tool to benefit others less fortunate in Haiti, Africa, Nepal, Nicaragua and the Amazon Jungle.

He is also employed in the the Emergency Department at Christus St. Vincents Regional Medical Center, and has been a medical team member of ambulance services in Santa Fe, NM and Newtown, CT. For many years he worked for the Disaster Medicine Assistance Team of NM (DMAT) and at annual large scale events including Burningman (Nevada desert attended by 50,000 people) and LovElution (San Fransisco).

As a humanitarian, Lustig has worked with solitary confinement life sentence and death row inmates at the super max State Penitentiary of New Mexico.

He has organized large scale events and raised substantial funds for his dear friends, the Maasai people of Kenya to build schools and provide food. Lustig and has appeared on radio and television in connection with fundraising activities and in numerous news articles regarding his humanitarian medical work in regions around the world.

His interests include horseback riding, dirtbiking, motorcycling, camping, weight training, and spending time with his children. He strives to focus his life on the tenets of naturopathy: quality relationships, outdoor exercise and healthy eating, all of which have had a tremendous positive impact on his outlook.
He lives with his two children, three horses and two dogs in Santa Fe, NM.

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