Non-profit organizations delivering health care in remote regions of the world who I work with: (, (, (

Organizations who donate medical products for my third world country work: (, (, (, (, (, (

Non-fluoride toothpaste and aluminum-free deodorant can be purchased from Toms of Maine, a really wonderful company with huge heart and do-good mission statement. (

Environmentally sound, non-toxic paint and cleaning products may be purchased from locally owned Santa Fe company Bioshield (

Non-toxic cleaners and paper products may be purchased from Gaiam (

Probably one of the first and most amazing companies to offer non-toxic safe products out there is Seventh Generation (

Very important to your health is the mattress and bedding you sleep on every night. If you think about how many hours of your life are spent with your body pressed against a typical formaldehyde, chemically laden mattress and bed linens, you realize the potential harm that can happen over the long term. Organic bed products may be purchased from Lifekind (

Real Goods, offers energy efficiency, non-toxic & environmental products for sustainable living, organic apparel & solar products (

To view a list of toxic ingredients in skincare products and the effects they may have on you, go to: (

Natural organic skincare/hair products may be purchased from ( or (

Waldorf private education for pre-school through grade12 has its roots in the spiritual-scientific research of the Austrian scientist and thinker Rudolf Steiner. It is provided as a link on this website as a life philosophy concept (

Organic food may be purchased at Whole Foods (, Wild Oats (

News about Organic labeling laws by the USDA and others may be viewed at ( and (

Two web sites about Environment, health, vegetarianism and human welfare are: ( and (

Local Santa Fe, NM Resources

Organic food and other healthy products may be purchased at The Market Place, 907 W Alameda, Santa Fe, (505) 984-8863

Santa Fe, NM personal fitness trainer Cindy Romero may be reached at

Santa Fe, NM energetic healer, D.O.M., Dr. John Holden may be reached at (505) 984-8733.

Santa Fe, NM yoga studio may be contacted at: (